Call for papers: For Barbara Czarniawska: Following traces and action nets


For Barbara Czarniawska: Following traces and action nets


Elena Raviola, University of Gothenburg –

Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist, University of Gothenburg –

Rolf Solli, University of Gothenburg –

Luigi Maria Sicca, University of Naples Federico II –


Barbara Czarniawska (1948–2024) has long been a beacon for the academic community of organization scholars for her novel, sharp, ironic and irreverent way of studying organizing and organizations. She narrated the way ideas travel and what their travel can produce in action nets, opening organization studies to research methods that are both rigorous and innovative, with a style of writing that is both serious and humorous. Her interest in technology and artefacts and, in particular, her translation of Actor-Network Theory into studies of organizing has shifted the attention of many scholars from the study of humans alone to the study of other actants as they Intervene in organizing processes. With insights from such other disciplines as literature and cultural anthropology, and based on her broad reading interests, Barbara Czarniawska’s work has made milestone contributions in shaping organization studies into a current diverse, open discipline and community.

After completing her studies at University of Warsaw and a postdoc at MIT, she became associate professor at Stockholm School of Economics and then professor at the Department of Business Administration, Lund University, Sweden. From 1996, she served at the Gothenburg Research Institute, University of Gothenburg, which became her home. Her contributions to the scholarly community of organization studies were recognized by six honorary doctorates and an honorary membership in the European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS). Her academic career, besides being marked by a genuine curiosity and profound interest in research and its methods, was also characterized by her constant support of new scholars, whom she never failed to guide and encourage.

This thematic issue is dedicated to Barbara Czarniawska’s intellectual industriousness and her ability to nurture future generations of scholars. This is not to be merely a commemorative endeavor; we are inviting scholars to reflect on the future that Barbara Czarniawska’s work holds for studies of organizing in a conception that is always open in time (before, during, and after) and space (thus a circulation of ideas on an international scale), and for the organizing of our scholarly community in collegiality and openness. Thus, we are calling for contributions to this thematic issue that develop a reflection on Barbara Czarniawska’s scholarship and bridge the personal encounter and academic exchange. A possible, non-obligatory declination of the contributions could be in three sections:

  • My encounter with Barbara Czarniawska
  • Presentation of a study inspired by the thought of Barbara Czarniawska
  • How some of Barbara Czarniawska’s ideas can fertilize the future of organizational research and how she could be “Maestro” for generations of students.

Contributions should follow the guidelines of puntOorg International Journal and be between 5000 and 10000 words. Please, contact the editors for any inquiry.

References: see google scholar

Deadline for full paper submission: 15 September 2024

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